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Immersive Software Assistance

Picking a software system that is right for you

Working with your students, faculty or staff in mind, to find the right solutions for your company/school. Connecting you with the right software companies to build or supply VR/AR/XR platforms.
Companies include but not limited to: SimXR, VictoryXR, Merge Cube, EducationXR and many more...

Nebraska Virtual Tours

Nebraska Virtual Tours is here to create any 360 tour you would like. We are here to make it easy for you to sell your home, get people to check out your event space in a virtual environment, or create a 360 tour for you to take to the gym. Currently using for 360 Tour experience and Insta360 cameras.

Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Head Mounted Display Assistance

Hardware Help

Need Head mounted displays, but not sure which is right for you. Let me assist you with purchasing, setup, and training on various headsets such as HTC VIVE, OCULUS 1 & 2, Varjo, PICO, Lenovo, PIMAX, HP Reverb, etc.

Augmented Reality Builds

ROAR and BlippAR and Merge Cube Software

Merge physical and digital reality through the lens of smartphone creating immersive experience for your audience. I create video/3d design overlays utilizing the ROAR and BlippAR apps. I can also use Merge Cube's AR application to add any 3D object to the Merge Cube.